Client Stories

Client Stories

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Product Taxonomy

Canadian Tire

With almost 100 years in business and boasting over 1,700 locations across the country, the Canadian Tire Corporation is one of the most trusted and successful retail companies in Canada. CTC owns a number of consumer product and service banners including Canadian Tire Retail, Sportchek, Mark’s, Helly Hansen, Pro Hockey Life and more. Product categories among these range from automotive, to sports, to lifestyle and apparel.


In Phase 1 of a two-part taxonomy engagement, Canadian Tire was looking to revamp and enhance an existing internal category structure across three banners – Canadian Tire Corporation, Mark’s and FGL Sports – within its internal product information management (PIM) system. The goal in this internal category restructuring was to streamline data collection from vendors across all three banners.

Service: Product Taxonomy
Collection Taxonomy and Product Mapping (Phase 1)
Parametric Filtering and Translation (Phase 2)


Our team analyzed the existing category structure, as well as all products within each of the three banners, and revamped the entire taxonomy by collapsing or expanding existing nodes as necessary, creating a new tree structure and template to define new attributes, values and UoMs. Our team also provided a mapping file to allow Canadian Tire to view the old-to-new categories, mapping their entire product catalogue to the new leaf level nodes. Finally, we wrapped the project by developing a taxonomy governance document so that Canadian Tire would have set guidelines to follow in order to make any future changes to the taxonomy.