Client Stories

Client Stories

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Product Taxonomy and Data Cleansing

Schuler Shoes

Schuler Shoes was established in 1889 when Austrian shoe repairman Vincent Schuler immigrated to the United States and purchased a shoe store in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The company, still family-owned 130 years later, now operates nine stores across Minnesota as well as a successful eCommerce store servicing all of the United States. Carrying popular footwear brands from New Balance to Birkenstock to Sperry, Schuler Shoes is dedicated to delivering extraordinary customer experiences and high-quality products.


Schuler Shoes, a growing footwear company, required an updated category structure with better organized product attributes and values in order to ensure a more positive online shopping experience for their customers once they migrated to a new eCommerce platform. This would include improved product categorization, product data cleansing, and filtering and faceted search, important components in the experience of shopping for a product as personal and specific as a pair of shoes.

Services: Product Taxonomy: Category Tree Development, Attribute Templates, Parametric Filtering, Data Cleansing


Our team launched this project for Schuler Shoes with the development of a category tree, or hierarchy, identifying categories and sub-categories relevant to the company’s product assortment and industry standards. Once categories were identified and organized by hierarchy, our team created attribute templates, identifying product-level attributes and relevant lists of values. Once attributes and values were identified, we cleansed and normalized the product data and enabled parametric filtering and faceted search, developing a left-hand navigation and filters. These changes allowed Schuler Shoes customers to more quickly and easily find the shoes they were interested in, providing enough product information to help them make a purchasing decision. The project ended with the development of Taxonomy Governance policies for the Schuler Shoes team to follow.