Client Stories

Client Stories

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Data & Digital Asset Aggregation


A U.S. based multinational company, Honeywell International is a long-standing industry leader in a variety of commercial and consumer products. Honeywell’s focus is on creating innovative technologies and products that are designed to make the world safer and more sustainable. Through its industrial safety division, Honeywell Safety Products, the company has become a leading manufacturer of personal protection equipment in categories including work boots, safety glasses and more.


With a plan to migrate all products under its personal protective equipment category to a new website, Honeywell required all related product information and digital assets for these SKUs to be moved as well. A major challenge in this migration was that all existing information and assets were spread across multiple resources, including brand sites, media libraries, offline documents, and – perhaps the most challenging – within the minds of product managers.

Services: Data Aggregation and Digital Asset Aggregation


Our team launched the data aggregation project by completing a sample for select parent products and child SKUs across each node that required completion. In doing so, we were able to identify attributes where information was not readily available, as well as seek out clarity as to what sort of information was expected in some of the product attributes. We then discussed the individual files with various Honeywell product managers, and developed a comprehensive guideline, capturing the information that up until this point, had resided only in their minds. Based on these detailed guidelines and our access to Honeywell libraries, we were able to complete the product- and SKU-level aggregation task for each of the items required.

In terms of digital asset aggregation, there were two steps completed in parallel to each other – the aggregation of product-related digital assets and marketing-related digital assets. Product digital assets were available on product pages, while marketing assets were specific to brand sites. Our team evaluated if these assets could be aggregated automatically or manually, coordinating with the Honeywell team to develop guidelines for properly downloading and aggregating these assets. Finally, we prepared a file that indicated the status of all assets that were downloaded and eventually uploaded them to the new platform as required by Honeywell.