Client Stories

Client Stories

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Product Taxonomy and Attribution


Indigo is Canada’s leading book retailer, with a mission of inspiring its customers with life-enriching products and experiences. Selling not only books but a range of lifestyle products including paper products, baby products, toys, home décor, electronics and more, Indigo prides itself on delivering a catalogue of incredibly curated goods. The well-organized and beautifully merchandized shelves of Indigo’s brick-and-mortar stores are carried over to its eCommerce environment.


With plans to move their content to a new product information management (PIM) system, Indigo identified a need for more organized and structured data. As the company grew, various stakeholders required specific product data in order to make business decisions – data that was not historically stored or organized in a uniform manner. The company also required better product-level data for representation on their eCommerce website. The main goal for Indigo was to improve the quantity and quality of vendor product data in order to satisfy stakeholder needs and improve the content presented online to shoppers.

Services: Product Taxonomy and Attribute Template Creation


Working with Indigo, our team built a product taxonomy from the ground up. The project started with a collection taxonomy, built through the development of a category tree, which identified relevant categories and sub-categories, and then the creation of attribute templates including a list of values. Based on the new collection taxonomy, a presentation taxonomy was developed with brand-specific category names that were properly mapped from backend to frontend.

Once the collection and presentation taxonomies were created, with categories named and mapped, our team used the new attribute templates to help write category-level style guides that ranked the most important attributes required by shoppers to make a purchasing decision. These style guides were then leveraged by Indigo in the writing of their product descriptions.