Client Stories

Client Stories

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UPC Aggregation


Staples Canada is a privately-held company founded in 1991 and boasting over 300 retail locations across Canada. In 2019, after almost 30 years in business, Staples Canada launched a rebrand and a new eCommerce website, becoming “The Working and Learning Company.” Through this, Staples has shifted its focus from selling printer paper, ink and toner and miscellaneous office supplies, to becoming a hub for small business inspiration, information and services.


In working with a constantly growing product catalogue, and after a complete eCommerce website redesign and migration, Staples Canada needed to ensure their top-selling products were being correctly identified by their proper UPC codes. As such, the company required a third party to gather UPC information for these products, ensuring each individual SKU was accurately associated with a unique UPC.

Service: Data Aggregation


In this engagement, our team was tasked with conducting extensive product research in order to identify and collect the UPC numbers for each of the top SKUs requested within the Staples catalogue. We performed this service by first defining clear guidelines on the process, which were approved by Staples stakeholders. Once the aggregation began, our team was able to increase Staples’ UPC coverage by almost 64% for the requested catalogue.